February 2, 2010

Beyond Racial Zones

Posted in culture, NACC at 4:50 PM by alexlozada

. . . will be one of the 2010 North American Christian Convention program events, featuring speaker Efrem Smith of Sanctuary Covenant Church in Minneapolis MN.  He was recently interviewed about Sanctuary Covenant’s community and multiracial impact.

MCC senior pastor Ben Cachiaras recently wrote:

Mountain is committed to being a place where faith in Christ is shared across racial lines. A place where everyone is welcome. We are a people who will do more than shake our heads in dismay at the problems; we will be part of the solution. That’s part of our DNA. If you’re part of this church, I’m asking you to think about what you are doing to break down racial walls and build bridges of trust and friendship.

You can start this week by walking across the room to speak to, acknowledge, honor, lift up, or go out of your way to be friendly to someone who is not like you in color or culture.


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