February 5, 2010

Tim Tebow speaking up

Posted in culture at 11:17 PM by alexlozada

As the  Super Bowl approaches, the multi-million dollar commercials that air during the game are again competing for attention with the action on the field. Focus on the Family will spotlight University of  Florida star quarterback Tim Tebow and his missionary mom Pam. Here are two ESPN perspectives cautioning against associating with a “far-right, fundamentalist organization that does many good deeds and holds many views that are outside of mainstream thinking” & praising his willingness to take a stand on a controversial issue. Religion and culture site First Things looks at the political firestorm of pro-abortion protests against the ad.

Because of his athletic ability, Tebow has been in the spotlight for years, and he’s used the attention to be a role model of becoming a better disciple.  In keeping w/ 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12, be praying for how the Spirit will speak up through Tim Tebow.



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