February 6, 2010

Super Bowl + important things

Posted in cross cultural mission, culture at 11:31 PM by alexlozada

As a fan of NY sports teams (the NY Giants in the case of the NFL), this year’s Super Bowl holds less rooting interest for me than did last year’s World Series.  For family and anti-New England reasons (the more Super Bowls Peyton Manning wins, the less I have to read about Tom Brady), I’m cheering for the Colts.  MCC teammate Rob Kastens also sent an email about this NY Times story about Haiti relief, featuring Haitian-descent Indianapolis wide receiver Pierre Garcon and Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.

MCC is working with three partners in Haiti relief: FAME (Fellowship of Associates in Medical Evangelism), IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services), and Alberto Rivas of Christian Dominican Evangelistic Mission. Alberto has already made one trip across the border to bring relief supplies, and MCC plans on sending a mission team of its own in the days to come.

For snowbound MCCers, and others, looking for relief from Super Bowl hype, here are a Christianity Today article critiquing Christians succumbing to the sports culture, while this NY Times op-ed examines the roots of the role of sports in American culture, and its value.


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