February 18, 2010

40 chapters for around 40 days

Posted in better disciples at 11:07 PM by alexlozada

Because I’m a detail person (in some things), I realize that Lent is a little longer than 40 days, depending on when you start and end your count – check this part of the wikipedia entry for background. The MCC men’s small group of which I’m a part met on our usually scheduled (missed last week because of snowstorm) early morning Wednesday, though I was late for the 6a start 🙂 We’re going to try to hold one other more accountable for each group member spending personal time w/ God at the beginning of the day, which providentially links with this year’s Lenten season.

In all the years I’ve been a disciple, even as a detail person, I had never made the connection that Luke’s 24 chapters + Mark’s 16 chapters = 40 chapters. With that in mind, and rounding of for a few days that I might miss, I’m planning on reading those two gospels between now and Easter. I don’t know that I’ll be able to post about my reading each day, but this morning after I I read Luke 1, I went back to think about the phrase describing Elizabeth after she became pregnant “for five months she kept herself hidden” (wording is English Standard Version, the translation I was reading this morning). Maybe because I know several MCC families who are in these first five months, I thought more about Elizabeth’s “remained in seclusion” (NIV) than I ever had before.


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  1. […] snow here in Central Maryland made a Christmas-tinged backdrop for reading Luke 2 as part of 40 chapters for around 40 days. I felt the challenge of trying to see this chapter with fresh eyes because I’ve preached, […]

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