March 29, 2010

Grand Beginning MCC Bel Air

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“Yay God” stories from yesterday’s Grand Beginning of the new Mountain Christian Church – Bel Air are emerging! Teammate Jenny Krichton, Children’s Pastor for MCC – Bel Air reflects on the day at her blog.  For those who have Facebook accounts, more stories are being posted at the Friends of MCC Bel Air group all the time. Number cruncher types might be interested to know that MCC Bel Air had 905 attenders. Overall, the Spirit blessed us with 4303 in all three locations – a record high for a non-holiday Sunday 🙂


March 28, 2010

In A Word: Follow! resources 28 March

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Ben closed the In A Word series with “Follow!” This also was the Grand Opening of the Bel Air campus 🙂 As always, notes written listening during the message and small group study guide.

The service began with this humorous clip from The Office on the folly of following GPS without a little common sense:

March 24, 2010

In a Word: Abide! 21 March resources

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On our first Sunday as one church in three locations (pre-launch services at the MCC Bel Air site), Ben Cachiaras the “In a Word” series with “Abide!” – based on John 15. Here are the small group study guide and my personal message notes, as well as video of the message. Check the MCC website you want mp3 download, listen online, or podcast.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

March 19, 2010

“Friendship Matters” article by a friend

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Watching hours of March Madness NCAA basketball and enduring good-natured teasing about the poor quality of my bracket picks might be part of building friendships that matter long after the excitement of the games fades away. My friend and MCC teammate Kelly Kastens wrote about how “Friendship Matters” for the Christian Standard weekly magazine. Her article mentions her mom’s circle of friends who gathered for monthly card games, the mirror image of the annual hospitality of two different friends that have invited me and a host of others to eat their food, watch their TVs, and good-naturedly bicker about long-standing sports rivalries.

Small group provides a weekly (or depending on your schedule, bi-weekly) opportunity for nurturing similar friendships. In none of these cases does friendships simply happen. Small group members, or sports cheering buddies, must choose to “journey through life” together – sharing not merely the surface topics, but listening and talking about inside issues, and doing something to help in times of need. Small group matters ONLY to the degree that meaningful friendships found there matter.

March 18, 2010

Revelation wrap-up 28 Feb “Heaven or Hell” / 7 Mar “Awe!”

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Maybe it’s fitting that I’m several weeks late on study guides (draft “Heaven or Hell” / “Awe – A Call to Worship Christ”) and message notes (28 Feb / 7 Mar) for the book of the Bible that keeps  Christians in the greatest suspense? In the meanwhile, here are the message videos, thanks to our hard-at-work video team:

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

March 17, 2010

In a Word: Go! 14 March

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I apologize for my late start on the new message series “In a Word”, but here are my notes from Sunday’s worship and a draft of the small group study guide, plus video of the message.

Vodpod videos no longer available.