April 15, 2010

Invite from Ben Cachiaras for Sun 25 Apr lunch

Posted in servant-leader at 2:19 PM by alexlozada

This is especially for MCC small group leaders, but I’m guessing we’ll welcome anyone in the Central Maryland area interested in hearing Emmanuel School of Religion new president Mike Sweeney.  Emmanuel is the seminary where my teammates Tom and Amy Moen, Ethan and Betsy Magness, Luke Erickson, and Ben Cachiaras graduated.  Mountain also helped name one of their learning Institutes the Dr. Charles Cook Institute for Christian Ministry, for our own Charles Cook, Minister Emeritus here at Mountain.

“Dr. Sweeney will be involved in the morning worship services, and lead the Perspectives class that evening.  Mike is not only a good friend, but an amazing individual, with over 20 years of missionary field work, specializing in translation of the New Testament among the people of Papua New Guinea. After the last service on Sunday, April 25, about 1 or 1:15, we will get together for an hour in the Overlook of the New Life Center (Mountain Rd campus) for a time to talk about Emmanuel and its ministry. You are invited!  Bring anyone with you who may be interested.  Come to get an update on the latest innovations in training people for ministry and preparing students at Emmanuel. Come if you have some questions about how Emmanuel and your life might possibly intersect at some point. Come if you have questions about online learning opportunities, or want some help figuring out where God may be leading you.  Come if you want to talk to a veteran missionary who now is devoting his life to leading an institution that prepares others for ministry.  Come to listen and learn what God is up to in the lives of people all over the world who have prepared at ESR.

You are free to eat ahead of time, or bring your own lunch, or order a sandwich ahead of time which we will then have prepared and ready for you.

Hope to see you there.


To order your lunch, please indicate what type of sandwich you would like from the list below and email it back to Gail Oliver at Gail@mountainchristian.org no later than April 21, 2010.  You can just pay for your sandwich and drink by dropping some money in a basket when we meet.

I would like to order: (please specify number of subs)

Turkey & Cheese

Ham & Cheese

Italian Cold cut

American cold cut

Note:  Sandwiches will be served on 8” sub rolls with bottled water and a bag of chips with all condiments on the side for $5.00 per person.


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