May 18, 2010

God’s Frat Party – “Serve the World” Doulos (resources 16 May)

Posted in MCC resources at 11:32 PM by alexlozada

Ben Cachiaras concluded MCC’s Kappa Delta Pi series with the call to “Serve the World.” For those who want to follow through on the message, here are my personal notes and a small group study guide, as well as a study guide from MCC’s original God’s Frat Party series in Jan 2008 (Ben’s message emphasized different ways of serving in the 2008 message, so some of the details in this study guide don’t apply as well to the 2010 message). This link opens an online audio mp3 window, where you can also download the mp3 or subscribe to MCC’s podcast.

Ben showed this video as an Awareness Test, to emphasize that serving the world means we should see needs that we previously overlooked.

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