June 11, 2010

church management software = hi-tech shepherding

Posted in tech at 11:23 PM by alexlozada

Lots of on-line meetings last several weeks to evaluate church management software-services packages are part of the reason I’ve been behind on posting message-based study guides. After browsing other products, and web+speakerphone presentations by reps from 5 companies, MCC is looking at two strong packages from People Driven Software (now part of Elexio) and Church Community Builder. Each product has its strengths and weaknesses (I’d rather you email me if you want my off-line, thorough analysis) but both of them would be great tech tools for staying connected with Mountain’s ever-growing congregation.

Even the most adamant tech geek like me must come back to the fact that the most crucial key to the effectiveness of any church software package (or any hi-tech tool) is the end user. Specifically for my ministry:

  • how to equip and inspire small group leaders (and coaches and apprentices or whoever else in each small group will do the data entry) to use the software often enough and thoroughly enough so that the data is usable (garbage-in, garbage-out = if the info is months outdated, not very useful for helping people now or planning for the future)
  • small group leaders and coaches who use the info they learn from the software to shepherd the people in their groups, and invite people who aren’t yet grouped.

No matter the technology (or lack of it) – shepherding is always about how much we who are junior (under / mini) shepherds are following in the footsteps of the Great Shepherd – knowing the people in our flock – whether through software or never-old-fashioned listening 🙂 AND helping them grow.


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  1. Michael Shaw said,

    I am a pastor going through the same process. I am down to PDS, F1, CP, and CCB. You know you have been looking to long when you only need the initials. I was wondering what you have found out from your studies. Give me an email

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