July 22, 2010

Retro “Simplicity” (resources 18 July)

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Jeff Walling preached a message on “Simplicity” that again pointed out another area of the Christian life in which I personally fall short. Though MCC doesn’t yet have video of his message, you can listen to the message online or download it. Study guide not ready til next week (unless you email me directly) but here’s a draft of the notes I took during the message.

If the Holy Spirit Jeff blessed you through Jeff Walling’s preaching, you can hear him later this year at the Eastern Christian Convention in Hershey PA during the main sessions on Fri PM & Sat PM 12-13 Nov.


July 12, 2010

Retro “Sabbath” (resources 11 July)

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Rob Kastens continued #MTCC series on “old practices that can make you new” with “Knock It Off – Sabbath” = moving from life’s ought-to’s to life’s get-to’s. Here are my notes from the message. Study guide will come (eventually) – please comment here at the blog or email me directly if you need it right away. In keeping w/ Rob’s wisdom on regularly ceasing from what is necessary, I’m not rushing to get either the study guides or posts on last week’s NACC done ASAP, but rest assured, I plan to write 🙂

July 6, 2010

NACC 2010: choices, choices!

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Familiar dilemma at the N American Chr Conventions – which of two (or more) attractive events do I attend? Both the Cincinnati Chr U reception and the Filipino & American Chr Convention “Filipiniana” celebration are tomorrow night 7 July. Sigh – I might try to catch a little bit of both, especially since Filipinos are known for starting (and ending) a little late 🙂 My wife correctly made the point that we’ll see many CCU friends throughout the convention (hint-hint, post a comment / ReTweet / FB “like” if you want my mobile number to text me during the convention!!!), while we’ll rarely be able to experience the Filipiniana.  The video has a taste of what we’ll enjoy tomorrow night (from the Kapwa dance group from Loyola University, coordinated by Rene Esmane)

July 5, 2010

Retro “Face Time with Father” (4 July resources)

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Ethan Magness continued MCC’s Retro message series by teaching about prayer. He opened his message with a prayer for our country’s leaders as part of celebrating the Fourth of July; he included a quotation from Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address. I hosted the worship at MCC’s Bel Air site, meeting at the John Carroll School – fortunately in the air-conditioned gym (and not the un a/c-ed auditorium!) as the Northeast swelters 🙂 Here my notes and here is message audio, though the small group study guide might be later than usual since I’m at the North American Christian Convention this week 🙂

July 1, 2010

Retro “Eat This Book” (resources 27 Jun)

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MCC started a new Sunday message series Retro on old (spiritual) practices that can make you new. Ben Cachiaras spoke on Bible reading, not merely for knowledge sake, but “chewing on it” = contemplative meditation followed by practical action. The message title alludes to God’s command the OT leader Ezekiel to eat a scroll with God’s message to the Jewish people. Here are my quick notes from the message, and I’m still working on the small group study guide. You can download Ben’s audio if you want to “chew on it” some more 🙂