July 22, 2010

Retro “Simplicity” (resources 18 July)

Posted in MCC resources, the Northeast at 11:10 PM by alexlozada

Jeff Walling preached a message on “Simplicity” that again pointed out another area of the Christian life in which I personally fall short. Though MCC doesn’t yet have video of his message, you can listen to the message online or download it. Study guide not ready til next week (unless you email me directly) but here’s a draft of the notes I took during the message.

If the Holy Spirit Jeff blessed you through Jeff Walling’s preaching, you can hear him later this year at the Eastern Christian Convention in Hershey PA during the main sessions on Fri PM & Sat PM 12-13 Nov.


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  1. Ed Barnett said,

    Thank you so much for the notes Alex.

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