September 25, 2010

Another online Bible resource

Posted in small groups, tech at 11:08 PM by alexlozada

I’m using for MCC’s “Are We There Yet” messages series resources for small groups, and as tool with the sermon I’m preaching Sunday 26 Sep at Creswell Christian Church, a nearby sister congregation. My MCC teammate (and sometime fellow blogger) John Sarno had recommended it back in the spring when our men’s Wed AM small group was talking about Bibles for various phones. I was still clinging to my trusty Palm TX and its (free!) Bible+ and BibleReader (from Olive Tree Software some translations free, others paid). Besides being free (!), I could use those w/o an internet connection – handy in many situations.

My go-to online Bible resources were (my usual link for Bible references on my blog or FB) and (for background info like Greek / Hebrew, Bible dictionaries, public domain older commentaries, etc.) At a recent MCC brainstorming meeting on more effectively using tech in the life of our church, my teammate (and brother-in-law) Patrick Gerber recommended YouVersion again, having seen another church use its online-community / Web 2.0 features. I’m going to give it an extended try, and am curious if there will be enough interest from other MCC people to merit forming our own YouVersion group. As always, post in this blog comments or send me a FB message if you’re interested in an MCC group OR if you already have a YouVersion group for another church / specialty group.


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