September 30, 2010

Americans Don’t Know Much About

Posted in better disciples at 11:44 PM by alexlozada

… religions, according to a recent survey by Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life released Tue 28 Sep 2010. You can take an online version of the survey at yourself (its shorter than the one used in the actual survey administered earlier this year). I’m conflicted about posting my score, my answers were the same as what I would have given before I read the article 🙂 If you’re that interested, post a comment or send me an email 😉

The AP / Yahoo article noted that atheists & agnostics knew the most about other religions, while white evangelicals ranked second to Mormons in the scores of the 12 questions in the full survey specifically about Christianity. This and other surveys which make the similar point that Americans in general, and Bible-believing Christians in particular, don’t know much about the facts of Christianity.

Answering questions on a survey is NOT the same as following the living Jesus, but Christians are called to “know the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15) MCC’s current & recent series “Are We There Yet” & “Reason to Believe” nudge our members to think & act, as well as feel. Small group leaders and other MCC volunteers should keep an eye out for upcoming announcement about a GrowingU equipping event Fri 15 Oct – Sat 16 Oct that will include tools to help people know more about the word of truth, and the Word who is Truth.


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