October 14, 2010

Catalyst 2010 takeaways: Seth Godin, Francis Chan, Andy Stanley

Posted in culture, servant-leader, tech at 11:46 PM by alexlozada

Schedule too hectic during the Catalyst leadership event last week for me to blog live, but I know if I don’t post at least a rough draft of my reactions from Catalyst (pun intended), I might never post anything 🙂

First time I heard Seth Godin live, and is sometimes the case, I get more from his written words than his spoken words. Fortunately, Catalyst provided a booklet version of his presentation, with highlights from his recent bestseller Linchpin. The personal takeaway for me was envisioning myself as an “artist” in his definition, but not w/ paint or music, instead as an innovator-champion in my workplace in using tech for Christian discipleship.

Also my first time hearing Francis Chan live, and is sometimes the case, his speaking passion reinforced the power of his written words. Strongest takeaway was his repeated use of the phrase “That’s so weird” as a tool to measure myself, and my ministry, by the Bible – what my intellectual reflex calls “weird” might truly be closer to God’s call.

Having heard Andy Stanley before, as has always been the case, he gave some great themes which I’ll continue to use. His memorable phrase was “bowl of stew” from the story of Esau selling his birthright to his scheming younger brother Jacob for a bowl of stew. Most encouraging takeaway was “reframe your appetites in the context what God has
called you to do . . . .  2 yrs from now . . .  10 yrs from now . . . . the clearer, more defined your future, the less grip
appetites have on you.”


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