October 18, 2010

Cannonball resources

Posted in better disciples, Cannonball, tech at 12:49 PM by alexlozada

First day personal reflection time from the Cannonball booklet asks what I do in “jump in or watch from the edge” situations? Why? Which response comes more easily to you?

I’m a “watch from the edge, analyze others, then jump” person. Thinking back on some life change situations (switching from Columbia U to Cincinnati Chr U; moving from OH to NY for ministry; leaving E Northport Chr Ch to move to MD + MCC) – in each case, someone else went first (did something similar), I observed, then acted.

I’ll try to add a youversion.com contribution for each day’s Cannonball Bible reading. You don’t need to sign up for this on-line Bible resource to read my commentary snippets, but if you do, let me know because I’m interested in using the social networking aspect youversion.

If you’re an MCC small group leader, you might have already noticed that Title Menu labels the video clip you use for small group session week 1 as “Welcome Video.” Its both Ben’s overall introduction to the Cannonball initiative and the jumping off point for the “Toes Over the Edge” discussion. Remember leaders, let the Spirit guide your discussion time, do NOT feel like you have to answer each question – you know your group and what they need to talk about.

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