October 19, 2010


Posted in Cannonball at 5:07 PM by alexlozada

Today’s Cannonball personal reading asked the tough question, “Think of ways in which you aren’t fully soaked in God’s work. What parts of your life are staying ‘dry?’ How is God calling you to follow him this week?”

Because I’m a pastor, most of the parts of my life that other people can see are “soaked” = doing church-related things. The parts of my life that most other people don’t see (how I treat my family), and that no people see (my thought life) are the parts that have stayed “dry” too long. I know God is calling me to think and act more like Jesus w/ my family this week, but that’s the call He’s made to me for years, and I still struggle to answer it.

At first glance, the Bible verse with today’s devotional might not seem to have anything to do w/ being soaked wet from a cannonball – but the Jesus-follower, like the wheat seed, must transform completely or it will never become something new.


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