October 20, 2010

Toe-Dipping + security blankets

Posted in Cannonball at 11:55 PM by alexlozada

As follow-through to Luke 18:18-24, Wednesday’s reading in the Cannonball booklet asked, “What are your sources of security and how might they be an obstacle to following Jesus?”

My job and my family my two main sources of security. Though both are blessings to me, either one could become an obstacle to following Jesus if I let them get more important than following him. Tonight, my small group discussed Luke 9:57-62 and I realized that even the blessings we receive from God, like a wonderful family or working at a great church, can be obstacles if I value them more than following Jesus.

For the rich young ruler in Luke 18 (see Matthew 19:16-22 and Mark 10:17-22 for parallel accounts w/ additional details), wealth was his security blanket. Linus, from Charles Schulz’s beloved comic strip Peanuts, was one of the few pop culture figures who could quote from the Bible without drawing the wrath of the thought police. It’s only my opinion, but my guess is Linus would have chosen Jesus over his blanket 🙂

Linus and his security blanket

Linus and his security blanket


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