October 21, 2010

All the Way + with a little help from my friends

Posted in Cannonball at 5:31 PM by alexlozada

Today’s Cannonball story shows how you can break through barriers together with friends. The paralyzed man didn’t have use of his legs, but he did have friends who would do anything to get him to Jesus (Luke 5:17-26 also found in Mark 2:1-12 w/ more details).

Imagine the teamwork of the four who carried their paralyzed friend on the mat, plus others who dug through the roof. Mountain’s Cannonball initiative is both individual = “what is God calling me to do,” AND church-wide “what is God calling us to do.”

My whimsical side wonders about the aftermath of the miracle. The owner of the house was supportive enough of Jesus’ ministry that he invited him there in the first place, so maybe he wouldn’t have been “take these guys to court” upset. Maybe after celebrating, the friends came back to fix the damage. And maybe one of the healed man’s first acts of physical labor was to join his friends up on the roof  for an “extreme makeover.”


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