October 24, 2010

Make Some Waves Oct24 resources

Posted in Cannonball, MCC resources at 11:31 PM by alexlozada

Luke Erickson continued MCC’s Cannonball series by using the question from Luke 7:19 “are you the One we’ve been expecting or are we waiting for someone else ?” to make the point “a cannonball is judged by its effect.” In the same way that Jesus was God’s “cannonball” into the world, we should be making waves in our community and around the world. More notes that I took listening to the simulcast from MCC Bel Air (at John Carroll School).  Audio available already, if you notice the video is up, post a comment and I’ll add the link.

Today’s “i dare u” was the first I’ve muffed.  Even though we live in a townhouse development, there are days when I don’t see the neighbors in our row and the one across the street. Ravens game-days are an example, with several ardent fans in our row, most likely glued to their TV screens agonizing over the close contest 🙂

Speaking of close contests, I think the young men in this video (from the special MCC Cannonball website) went to bed nearly as broken-hearted as I was last Friday PM 😦

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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