November 29, 2010

Its the most margin-less time of the year

Posted in MCC resources at 11:29 PM by alexlozada

When Ben opened MCC’s “I’m Dreaming of a White Space Christmas” by asking us to raise our hands if we’re stressed about Christmas or we wished we had more time, I raised my hand. This meant taking my fingers off my laptop keyboard for a few moments because I was backstage of the New Life Center (Mountain Rd campus) taking notes on the message, while also reviewing the sermon I was preaching later that morning at Creswell Christian Church. (I mentioned preaching at Creswell earlier in the year. Along w/ several other MCC teammates, we’ve been filling in while they were between ministers. Congratulations to Eric & Suzanne Stangland who start at Creswell in January!) So I’m “guilty as charged” of cramming too much into the white space (margins) of my schedule! With that in mind, here’s a (late)  rough draft of the small group study guide that follows through on Ben’s message (audio here).


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  1. Edward Barnett said,


    I could not agree with you and the sermon message more. Over the past few months I have been feeling the pull of too many commitments and my relationship with God has suffered. After praying about it and discussing it with some trusted advisors, I have cut back on my commitments and cleared up some white space. I have to tell you that I feel so much better and have been able to dedicate quiet time to sit in prayer everyday.

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