December 13, 2010

Making Space for God – Dec12 resources

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As a way to create some margin in my usually too hectic Sunday morning schedule, I chose to NOT come to Mountain Rd campus before or after worshiping at MCC Bel Air (John Carroll). Other Sundays, I’ve sat backstage during the 808a service so I could type message notes on my laptop, then driven to John Carroll to meet small group leaders, then driven back to Mountain Rd campus to catch the end of the third service. Because I only took quick notes on my smartphone, I needed to listen to Rob Kasten’s message a 2nd time online to fill the holes in my initial note-taking and prep the small group study guide.  This meant a more hectic office day today, but I’m thankful that at least for yesterday, the God used the white space I made for him to bless me with uplifting worship.


December 6, 2010

Loving Those on the Margin Dec5 resources

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MCC’s series on White Space Christmas continues to convict me about my tendency to cram too much into my schedule. While I was backstage Sunday typing  notes from Ben’s message, I enjoyed a heartfelt (though brief because we squeezed into the tiny “white space” of time between services)  conversation w/ one of MCC’s gifted worship ministry volunteers. He & I empathized with each other over the lack of margin in our Thanksgiving / Christmas / end-of-school-term season.

Maybe this coming week I can do a better job of planning so that the small group study guide is ready sooner? Wishful thinking 🙂 In case you watch the video or listen to the audio of Ben’s message and wonder why it doesn’t match the notes I took – this is a Sunday when I noticed that Ben adapted the content from one service to the next 🙂

Vodpod videos no longer available.