January 21, 2011

According to Jim: Riding Out the Storm 23Jan resources

Posted in MCC resources at 11:05 PM by alexlozada

According to Jim graphic

This Sunday, Luke Erickson (MCC Bel Air campus + Community Impact Pastor) speaks on “Riding Out the Storm” from our new message series According to Jim – a 6 week look at the Bible book of James. I was hoping to write all 6 small group study guides ahead of time so that they could be printed in booklet format – sadly, I’m still behind schedule. I did upload (an almost final draft of)  this week‘s study guide. I’ll add my notes about Luke message some time on Sunday afternoon – early evening.

To make up for not having the complete study guide booklet, I’m thinking about making YouTube video for group teaching / discussion (here are some of mine from last Fall) OR podcast (not tried this yet). I will be posting to links on Bible verses from the messages and study guides at YouVersion.com (username alexl3) – I used this a little bit during the Cannonball series, and I’m hoping to make it an ongoing small groups resource.


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