February 28, 2011

How Are Your Knees?

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Tom Moen, MCC glocal pastor, repeatedly asked, “How Are Your Knees?” in yesterday’s message on praying. MCC executive pastor sent a follow-through email with this Tim Keller quote (useful “how-to” to guide prayer thoughts throughout the day):

Tim Keller responding during a Q&A at Covenant Seminary. Here is his response talking about his prayer life in response to a question: how do you preach the gospel to yourself every day?

“I try to do petition in the morning. I try to do repentance in the evening. So I try to pray in the morning and in the evening. In the evening I look back on what I did wrong and repent.

But in the middle of the day I try to catch myself and I look for four kinds of emotions.

I always pray in the morning, “Lord make me happy enough in the grace of Jesus to avoid being proud, cold, scared, and hooked.”

  • Now, by proud I mean what you think, too self-congratulatory. And maybe disdainful of people who I don’t think have it together.
  • Cold means I’m just too absorbed in my concerns to really be compassionate and gracious and warm and joyful to the people around me.
  • Scared means I’m just obviously too anxious and worried.
  • Hooked means…when you’re overworked, it means for me…eating. Eating things I shouldn’t eat just because it’s a way of keeping my energy up, and also because it’s a way of rewarding myself. Or looking at women more than once.

So: proud, cold, scared, hooked.

Now, in the middle of the day I get it out and say, “Have I been proud, scared, cold, or hooked in the last 3-4 hours. And the answer usually is “Yeah.” And then I say, “How do I bring the Gospel to bear on that? How does the grace of God deal with it?” And you try to catch yourself in those feelings. So basically finding problem feelings and inordinate desires, catch them when they’re happening, try to deal with them with the Gospel right there.

I call that “Quick Strike” on my idols around noon, if I can remember it. And repentance at night and petition in the morning. So I try to get into God’s presence three times a day.”



February 27, 2011

According to Jim 411 + 911 Feb27 resources

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Glocal (global + local) outreach pastor Tom Moen concluded MCC’s series from the Book of James by challenging us to pray, using the example of James, nick-named the “Camel Kneed” because he spent so much time on his knees in prayer. From the media archives of MCC’s website, you can hear Tom’s  question, “how are your knees?” (or watch – link coming soon). Here are a small group study guide, and notes I typed as I listened at MCC Bel Air. For this weekend’s service, Tom adapted a daily prayer that Ben Cachiaras encouraged out staff team to pray as part of a Tue-Thu 11:30a brief midday prayer time. This is Ben’s version, itself an adaptation from Shane Claiborne’s Becoming the Answer to Our Prayers – Prayer for Ordinary Radicals.

Tom mentioned a famous World War II speech by Winston Churchill speech “Never Give In” – short audio clip below:

February 22, 2011

Playing Favorites 20Feb resources

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Ben Cachiaras came to all 3 Mountain Rd services disguised as a shabbily dressed  homeless man this Sunday (Ken Moss performed a similar role at MCC’s Bel Air campus). After shuffling to the New Life Center stage, and engaging in pointed conversation with Ethan Magness (playing the role of host), Ben then preached from James 2 on “Playing Favorites” as part of MCC’s ongoing series on the Book of James. For the first service, I watched Ben’s role play from the sound control center on the second floor, for the second service, I was backstage watching on a monitor. view for the first two services. I sat with my family during the third service, and had a more up close & intense view of people’s reactions. Though we have audio and video available on-line, they don’t quite capture the uncertainty and then intensity of the morning.

The message concluded with a video clip of an unusual Texas HS Fri PM  football between Gainesville State School and Faith Christian School (extended length YouTube version below), showing how Christians can treat “everybody like somebody.”

The small group study guide continues to be available in print on Sunday AM at the Welcome Desk of both MCC campuses. Here are my notes compiled from listening at all three services. On a lighter note, Ben also used this Tim Hawkins video to relieve some of the morning’s tension 🙂

February 13, 2011

War of the Worlds 13Feb resources

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Ben Cachiaras continued MCC’s series on the book of James, According to Jim, with “War of the Worlds” – James rebuke for “split” Christians. Video to come, audio and small group study guide and my own notes on the message available now. Note taking from me a little different today because I broke my Nokia N900 smartphone a few days ago, first draft typed from backstage New Life Center (Mountain Rd campus), and then I sent myself short text messages from my very old phone while I sat w/ Heather & Abby during the 11:31 service.

Ben used this clip of a slip-of-the-tongue groom and laughing bride as a humorous opener  (“to uncross people’s arms”)

Later in the afternoon, filled in for teammate Bob Greene (recovering from outpatient shoulder surgery Friday) for the 3p worship service @ Lorien Bel Air Senior Rehabilitation Long-Term Care Community.  I tried to use a illustration a little more in keeping w/ that gathering: Casablanca and “no debt but love” from Romans 13:8-12a.

February 5, 2011

According to Jim: 6Feb + past resources

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Ben Cachiaras continues MCC’s series from the book of James as he talks about “The Pie Hole”. I finally managed to write the small group study guide in advance, so printed copies will be at the Mountain Rd & Bel Air campuses. [UPDATED] Here are audio & my own message notes; I’ll add video link when available

Meanwhile, here’s the clip of a popular TV  commercial that Ben used last Sunday to capture the no-nonsense tone of James’ letter.

Here are my notes on Luke Erickson’s 23 Jan “Riding Out the Storm” and Ben’s 30 Jan “Show me” messages. I’ve also been using YouVersion.com to comment on key texts from each message – username for my notes is alexl3. For copyright reasons, we don’t have video of the special music MCC’s worship teams performed to close the service, but here’s the song’s composer, Rich Mullins, giving his version of “Screen Door On A Submarine” – complete w/ special percussion 🙂

February 4, 2011

According to Jim: Show Me 30Jan resources

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Ben Cachiaras continued MCC’s series on the book of James w/ the message “Show Me” on showing our faith by our works.  Here are the message video (w paraphrase of James 2:14-17 ) and audio. The small group study guide refers to the lyrics of Aaron Niequist’s song  “Changed” which we sang in worship on Sunday.

I still haven’t recaptured the rhythm of getting the study guide posted before the message and printed in time for distribution the Sunday of the message – I did the latter this week (including a quick trip to worship @ MCC’s Bel Air campus), but didn’t get it on to the blog until the end of the week. I do have this coming Sunday’s study guide done, and will be posting it on Saturday – good practice, since MCC is starting a Saturday PM service soon!