February 22, 2011

Playing Favorites 20Feb resources

Posted in MCC resources at 5:39 PM by alexlozada

Ben Cachiaras came to all 3 Mountain Rd services disguised as a shabbily dressed  homeless man this Sunday (Ken Moss performed a similar role at MCC’s Bel Air campus). After shuffling to the New Life Center stage, and engaging in pointed conversation with Ethan Magness (playing the role of host), Ben then preached from James 2 on “Playing Favorites” as part of MCC’s ongoing series on the Book of James. For the first service, I watched Ben’s role play from the sound control center on the second floor, for the second service, I was backstage watching on a monitor. view for the first two services. I sat with my family during the third service, and had a more up close & intense view of people’s reactions. Though we have audio and video available on-line, they don’t quite capture the uncertainty and then intensity of the morning.

The message concluded with a video clip of an unusual Texas HS Fri PM  football between Gainesville State School and Faith Christian School (extended length YouTube version below), showing how Christians can treat “everybody like somebody.”

The small group study guide continues to be available in print on Sunday AM at the Welcome Desk of both MCC campuses. Here are my notes compiled from listening at all three services. On a lighter note, Ben also used this Tim Hawkins video to relieve some of the morning’s tension 🙂

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