March 30, 2011

“A Word of Grace” resources 27Mar

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Ben Cachiaras called us to “embrace grace” as MCC continued the Famous Last Words message series with the story of the desperate criminal crucified alongside Jesus (Luke 23:39-43) – message video and audio, along with small group study guide. My personal notes on the message are thinner than usual; I served in Family Ministry w/ the 5 year olds, subbing for their usual teacher (my oldest daughter). I’m excited that MCC’s upcoming Saturday PM service means I will have more opportunities to help with the younger ones. After last Sunday, I realize my disadvantage at now knowing the children in class by name – especially when I want to get their attention 😉

I’m late getting this posted, partly because I was in NYC for part of the weekend, presenting at the Metro Christian Convention on “Going Beyond In Discipleship” and”Going Beyond in Technology.” I’m hoping to blog a little about it some time this week – if I ever get caught up on the small mountains of overdue paperwork on my newly set-up overflow office table 🙂


March 20, 2011

“A Word of Forgiveness” resources 20March

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Ben Cachiaras began MCC’s “Famous Last Words” series with “”Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). I tried to balance note-taking and prepping the small group study guide with hosting the worship service at the Mountain Rd campus New Life Center. Too much multi-tasking the first two services, but sitting with my family from most of the 11:31 service let me focus more on the meaning of God’s amazing grace and forgiveness.

In the message, Ben referred to the beloved spiritual, “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” Marion Anderson, Johnny Cash, and many musicians have sung this. I remember my home church singing it every Easter – not nearly as musically beautiful as the version below, but with the sincerity that comes from those who know Jesus’ forgiveness 🙂

March 13, 2011

Finances: Fear or Freedom (p2) Mar13 resources

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Rob Kastens spoke about Biblical and practical “why-s” and “how-s” for dealing with consumer debt, closing MCC’s two week series on personal finances. My apology to MCC Bel Air small groups, I printed the study guide Saturday night, but didn’t get it to John Carroll in time because I was at the MCC Student Ministries Rapha House fundraiser (fashion show). Also, my notes of Rob’s message, without some of the detailed stats he gave. Here are some online resources for budgeting and debt reduction from the Dave Ramsey website.

March 10, 2011

Making Waves in the Kiddie Pool!

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As we count down to MCC’s Sat 5:05p service, we’re using creative (and comic!) ways to invite people to serve in ways BEYOND their usual…

MCC Familiy Ministry team leader Gerri Baker gave more details about the thorough training for new recruits: “[they] are assigned to the specific staff person that will … [oversee] them in a teaching rotation, and then they are followed through with an interview, in-class training, and then implementation.  It takes an average of 10 hours per person to implement them into ministry because of the safety/security and simple pre-training that has to happen to be able to start effectively.” [KEY STAT] “…. about 10% of those who have indicated an interest are men.  We would love this to be more like 50% as so many of our little boys do not have positive male role models.”

She closes, “We are encouraged by the response…. we still have a long way to go!”

Our churchwide initiative – “Cannonball!” –  calls each MCC members to go “ALL IN” and “MAKE WAVES.”

So if you want to make waves in the kiddie pool 🙂  JUMP IN HERE

[Mountain Chr School mentoring program student Mark P co-wrote this post]

March 9, 2011

Finances: Fear or Freedom (p1) Mar6 resources

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Ben Cachiaras spoke on Christian generosity last weekend @ MCC (video here). I’m not sure whether my lateness in getting the materials posted comes from a busy week (including asssisting in set-up for an upcoming Crown Ministries Biblical Financial Study 10 week class @ MCC)  or my own discomfort and disorganization on our family’s personal finances 🙂 Nonetheless, here are the  small group study guide and my own notes from the message.

March 4, 2011

Praying Why? How? Now!

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MCC sg leader + Fellowship Christian Athletes (Maryland) servant-leader Rick Conniff serves with MCC’s Sunday 7:30a prayer small group. His passion for MCC to become a more + better praying church led him to assemble these resources for small groups (or individuals):

MCC small groups + ministry teams are “going to their knees” in prayer – including some folks from  MCC Bel Air coming together Sat 5 Mar 1p to pray for one of their own – I’m glad they invited me along 🙂