March 30, 2011

“A Word of Grace” resources 27Mar

Posted in MCC resources at 5:03 PM by alexlozada

Ben Cachiaras called us to “embrace grace” as MCC continued the Famous Last Words message series with the story of the desperate criminal crucified alongside Jesus (Luke 23:39-43) – message video and audio, along with small group study guide. My personal notes on the message are thinner than usual; I served in Family Ministry w/ the 5 year olds, subbing for their usual teacher (my oldest daughter). I’m excited that MCC’s upcoming Saturday PM service means I will have more opportunities to help with the younger ones. After last Sunday, I realize my disadvantage at now knowing the children in class by name – especially when I want to get their attention 😉

I’m late getting this posted, partly because I was in NYC for part of the weekend, presenting at the Metro Christian Convention on “Going Beyond In Discipleship” and”Going Beyond in Technology.” I’m hoping to blog a little about it some time this week – if I ever get caught up on the small mountains of overdue paperwork on my newly set-up overflow office table 🙂

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