April 27, 2011

#Exponential 2nd hand

Posted in more disciples at 11:35 PM by alexlozada

I’m NOT at Exponential (church planter conference) this year, but some of my MCC teammates are, including  Rob Kastens – check this post from his new blog. I didn’t see live-stream of the main sessions on the Exponential website as they have in past years, but the Twitter feed (hashtag #Exponential) provides enough real-time quotes & impressions for someone like me who prefers reading text to listening live – especially since my hearing aids sometimes can’t handle the booming amplification at stadium events 🙂 For example, teammate Betsy Magness‘ tweet, “it’s a leaders job to help people see themselves as God intended them to be. @AlanHirsch” – insightful reminder to small group leaders that we do more than teach content or coordinate social activities!

I realize my post yesterday about Orange Conference might have confused people – I’m not there in Atlanta, nor Orlando for Exponential, or even Johnson City 🙂 This is an at-home week for me, though Heather is traveling to Ohio for an extended weekend w/ her parents, helping them get their house ready for sale so they can move to Maryland this summer! I confess that I’m much more looking forward to dad-daughters time the next few days than I traveling, even to events as energizing as Exponential or  Orange 🙂


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