May 22, 2011

Who Needs to Change? 22May resources

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Ben Cachiaras welcomed Shaunti Feldhahn for the second part of MCC’s weekend message on relationships.  She spoke about key findings from her research surveys on the different needs of women and men in relationships, especially marriage. Ben’s opening part of the message emphasized that because both people in any relationship, including marriage, are flawed – each of us needs to choose to change, instead of forcing change on the other person.

I wrote the small group study guide before listening to the message, so the Bible study doesn’t address Shaunti’s part of the presentation. To get details on her topics, check my quick notes I wrote while sitting next to my wife Heather during the 11:31 Mountain Rd service 🙂 Better yet, later this week, check the MCC website for video + audio of the full message.

During worship, we sang while watching this video of last Saturday’s Servefest.


May 16, 2011

ServeFest + Mtn Adventure Weekends (CHANGES!) = BIG events + small groups

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I ran out of time to blog about ServeFest beforehand, but after warming up w/ 1.5hrs of chair set-up w/ Team 3, I met Heather + Abby at Jerusalem Mill Village for a wet but worthwhile morning of outdoor projects w/ a few other from my Wed AM men’s small group, several other small groups, MCC members, and others. Plenty of pics and stories at the Facebook ServeFest group, and MCC’s Creative Media team is putting together a video for next weekend’s service. By Sunday afternoon (after Team 3’s chair tear-down), I was worn out!

With ServeFest done, the next big events for MCC small groups are this summer’s Mountain Adventure Weekends. Instead of setting aside only 1 summer week to “celebrate life … because God is good!” – we’re spreading the celebration over 4 summer weekends (CHANGED FROM post on Mon 16 Jun):

Sun-Mon 19-20 June: including Sunday Father’s Day Car + Bike Show;  Brooms Blooms Monday Night

Fri-Sat 15-16 July: Friday Ironbirds Game; Saturday pancake breakfast

Fri-Mon 5-8 Aug: plenty of participation sports throughout the weekend; AND  Sunday’s Family Game Night (I’m helping w/ this AND could use YOUR HELP too!!!); AND more Brooms Blooms on Monday night

Fri-Sat 26-27 Aug: Finale including scavenger hunt, fireworks + tailgating

I haven’t done very much work for my small slice of MAW (Mountain Adventure Weekends acronym) – Family Game Night on Saturday 6 August (after Saturday 505pm service), but if you’d like to help (even if you’ve not come before) email me, or add a comment to the blog. My family is thrilled to plan all comers in Dutch Blitz; Apples to Apples; or even old fashioned LIFE 🙂

May 15, 2011

How Do You Get Close 15May resources

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Rob Kastens continued MCC’s series about healthy relationships, “Love & War”, by responding to the message title question “How Do You Get Close?” with the answer commitment – ” Commitment is what make roommates into soul mates.” Draft of study guide and message notes available now, audio & video to come.

Both service included spoofs of commercials of a popular online dating service. Last weekend’s video (7-8 May) featured Rob & Kelly, fun to watch, especially in light of Rob’s personal testimony about their marriage journey.

I’ll try to post the video from this Sunday’s message, featuring MCC staff teammate Dennis Curran & his wife Renda, even though it does have a teasing reference to the NY Yankees. Check the MCC YouTube channel for updates 🙂

May 9, 2011

What Do You Want 8May resources

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Ben Cachiaras began #MtCC new series “Love and War”, asking questions like “Why do relationships sometimes seem to work, and sometimes seem like too much work?” This weekend’s message was “What Do You Want” (audio/video links posted when available) – looking at Adam & Eve’s story from Genesis 2:20-3:13 through 3 lenses: high hopes, dashed hopes, and renewed hopes. As I took notes on the message at Sat 505p, Bel Air campus Sun 915a, and Mtn Rd 1131a, I realized I should update the small group study guide to use the Psalm 61 reference Ben gave, instead of the Acts 4 reference I wrote. This means the online version posted here is newer than the print version that was available at Guest Info during the weekend.

Here’s a U2 concert version of the special music from this weekend “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – from Ben’s point that we can’t fulfill our hopes in any human being – not spouse, nor parent, nor friend – but only in God.

May 3, 2011

the right SHOES – resources 1 May 2011

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Ben Cachiaras + several #MtCC shared about different shoes we wear as Christians – contrasting, yet complementary aspects of walking w/ Jesus. Ben gave the overall theme, and showed off some moves – “showed off” might be a little generous 🙂 – to highlight “dance shoes” for joy + celebration. Blake Park called on his Texas background in talking about pulling on “poop kickers” to persevere through the mucky times of life. Rob Arsenault strapped on well-worn work boots as he challenged people to serve. Kelly Kastens invited us to true rest + re-creation in flip-flops. And yours truly laced up cleats to model teamwork + relationships — “I’m not a soccer athlete, I just play one on TV” (or web video / multicast to our Bel Air site).

Because I was otherwise occupied, didn’t take message notes this week, but did write (late) small group study guide.

I don’t know how many people will remember the pull quote Ben highlighted “ groups @ #mtcc are where we LEARN and LEAN. Some of the learning happens in the leaning.” – more people reacted to my Andres Cantor (famed football a/k/a soccer announcer) impression 🙂 Here’s a version of his trademark GOOOOOOAL call for a popular commercial:

In real life, I’m much more of a chess player than any team sport athlete, though I have been known to shout when certain NY sports teams win 🙂