May 3, 2011

the right SHOES – resources 1 May 2011

Posted in better disciples, MCC resources at 11:27 PM by alexlozada

Ben Cachiaras + several #MtCC shared about different shoes we wear as Christians – contrasting, yet complementary aspects of walking w/ Jesus. Ben gave the overall theme, and showed off some moves – “showed off” might be a little generous 🙂 – to highlight “dance shoes” for joy + celebration. Blake Park called on his Texas background in talking about pulling on “poop kickers” to persevere through the mucky times of life. Rob Arsenault strapped on well-worn work boots as he challenged people to serve. Kelly Kastens invited us to true rest + re-creation in flip-flops. And yours truly laced up cleats to model teamwork + relationships — “I’m not a soccer athlete, I just play one on TV” (or web video / multicast to our Bel Air site).

Because I was otherwise occupied, didn’t take message notes this week, but did write (late) small group study guide.

I don’t know how many people will remember the pull quote Ben highlighted “ groups @ #mtcc are where we LEARN and LEAN. Some of the learning happens in the leaning.” – more people reacted to my Andres Cantor (famed football a/k/a soccer announcer) impression 🙂 Here’s a version of his trademark GOOOOOOAL call for a popular commercial:

In real life, I’m much more of a chess player than any team sport athlete, though I have been known to shout when certain NY sports teams win 🙂

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