May 9, 2011

What Do You Want 8May resources

Posted in MCC resources at 9:32 AM by alexlozada

Ben Cachiaras began #MtCC new series “Love and War”, asking questions like “Why do relationships sometimes seem to work, and sometimes seem like too much work?” This weekend’s message was “What Do You Want” (audio/video links posted when available) – looking at Adam & Eve’s story from Genesis 2:20-3:13 through 3 lenses: high hopes, dashed hopes, and renewed hopes. As I took notes on the message at Sat 505p, Bel Air campus Sun 915a, and Mtn Rd 1131a, I realized I should update the small group study guide to use the Psalm 61 reference Ben gave, instead of the Acts 4 reference I wrote. This means the online version posted here is newer than the print version that was available at Guest Info during the weekend.

Here’s a U2 concert version of the special music from this weekend “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” – from Ben’s point that we can’t fulfill our hopes in any human being – not spouse, nor parent, nor friend – but only in God.


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