June 30, 2011

Covenant + Community – 26June resources

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Ethan Magness  followed through on the “to be continued” STORY from last week by teaching about “Covenant and Community,” using the stories of Nehemiah, Abraham, and Joshua to show how God rebuilds from “Catastrophe.” I just realized that because I’ve been going back & forth to Indian Lake Christian Camp each day this week – sometimes 2x day 🙂 I forgot to post the study guide and notes (thinner this week because I didn’t have my phone or laptop when I hosted at MCC Bel Air) until just now – my apology! Good, though tiring, week at Indian Lake (though not nearly as tiring as the campers & staff there – including several teen staff who were in Dominican Republic the week before!) – will blog more about it tomorrow 🙂


June 19, 2011

Catastrophe – 19June resources

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Ethan Magness continued MCC’s series STORY with his retelling of Adam & Eve’s sin = “everything was great, then it wasn’t…” As with last week, neither the study guide nor my notes on the message do justice to a live speaker’s story-telling 🙂 Busy weekend for me plus the story-telling message format means listening to the audio or watching the video are better resources than anything on a printed page.

With so many MCC staff + key volunteers on the Kenya mission trip, I wore multiple hats Saturday & Sunday, including MI-5 (Mountain In 5 minutes – quick explantion of MCC for 1st time guests after the service), helping in nursery, and taking down chairs. I only caught a few minutes of the Fathers Day Car & Bike Show, the opening event of the summer Mountain Adventure Weekends, but thanks to generous Mountain Riders at the refreshment zone, I took home plenty of extra hot dogs 🙂

As a humorous tribute to dads, MCC showed the following in the weekend services – I won’t post my family’s opinions on how closely my style mirrors the dads being spoofed 🙂

June 14, 2011

Creation – 12June resources

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Ben Cachiaras opened MCC’s STORY series with the “Creation” story, and a reminder that God’s overarching story (metanarrative) is also each one of our individual stories. In some ways the study guide doesn’t do justice to the message because it emphasized telling the story, and not merely studying the facts – so a tip for users – try to read aloud the story in as heartfelt a way a possible. Similarly, my notes leave out too much of the dramatic, humorous, personable way that Ben told the story.

My own small story from Sunday was the poignant contrast in singing the same grand hymn in two settings: “How Great Thou Art” as part of MCC’s service w/ orchestra, choir, worship team, and a 1000+ worshippers AND singing it at Lorien Senior Center with residents & MCC volunteers for the Sunday afternoon chapel service 🙂

This video will tie together each week of the series – especially in the summer, people will miss one or two “chapters” or “episodes” of STORY, but we want everyone to keep coming back!

MCC Summer 2011 Story
– Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

June 7, 2011

Road trip to DC Regional Chr Ch

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Heather, Abby & I drove 1.5 hours south last Sunday to hear a strong Christ-following discipleship message from lead pastor  Daryl Reed during our first-time visit to DC Regional Christian Church.  We also chatted a little with Steve Blake, staff leader of DC Regional college  ministry. Steve presented at last year’s Eastern Chr Conference on young adult ministry, Daryl is a main session speaker at this year’s North American Chr Convention. We enjoyed the a cappella worship led by Carlos Scott and DC Regional’s worship team (last year they combined w/ MCC’s team to lead worship at the NACC) – different musical style from what we experience most weekends, but still praising the same Lord! The morning served as a great reminder of “same but different” in God’s kingdom 🙂

June 6, 2011

How to Have Really Good Fight 5June resources

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Ben Cachiaras (@ Mtn Rd campus) & Luke Erickson (@ MCC Bel Air / Arena Club) spoke about how our relationships, especially marriage, are spiritual battlegrounds against the real enemy – Satan. Though I was away, here’s the small group study guide and notes I took listening to the audio (video to come).

June 1, 2011

Chasing Foxes + Weathering Storms 29May resources

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Ethan Magness spoke on covenant relationships (based on promise + commitment, not merely circumstance) like marriage as part of our “Love & War” series. My notes on the message are a little thinner than usual because I was busy hosted at Mountain Rd campus Saturday PM, and Bel Air campus on Sunday morning = less time to take notes. The study guide, like others in this series, covers more relationship aspects than just marriage.

Message video and audio from our MCC Creative Media, and their latest spoof of a popular online dating service w/ humorous clips of our own MCC couples – this week: Ben & Karla Cachiaras!

Late in posting this because Heather & I had our nineteenth anniversary on Monday, Memorial Day – sharing it with both of our families: morning breakfast w/ the “Camp Gerber” then driving to NYC to see my mom, dad, and both my sisters 🙂 then back home a little before midnight.