June 1, 2011

Chasing Foxes + Weathering Storms 29May resources

Posted in MCC resources at 11:19 AM by alexlozada

Ethan Magness spoke on covenant relationships (based on promise + commitment, not merely circumstance) like marriage as part of our “Love & War” series. My notes on the message are a little thinner than usual because I was busy hosted at Mountain Rd campus Saturday PM, and Bel Air campus on Sunday morning = less time to take notes. The study guide, like others in this series, covers more relationship aspects than just marriage.

Message video and audio from our MCC Creative Media, and their latest spoof of a popular online dating service w/ humorous clips of our own MCC couples – this week: Ben & Karla Cachiaras!

Late in posting this because Heather & I had our nineteenth anniversary on Monday, Memorial Day – sharing it with both of our families: morning breakfast w/ the “Camp Gerber” then driving to NYC to see my mom, dad, and both my sisters 🙂 then back home a little before midnight.


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