June 19, 2011

Catastrophe – 19June resources

Posted in MCC resources at 11:17 PM by alexlozada

Ethan Magness continued MCC’s series STORY with his retelling of Adam & Eve’s sin = “everything was great, then it wasn’t…” As with last week, neither the study guide nor my notes on the message do justice to a live speaker’s story-telling 🙂 Busy weekend for me plus the story-telling message format means listening to the audio or watching the video are better resources than anything on a printed page.

With so many MCC staff + key volunteers on the Kenya mission trip, I wore multiple hats Saturday & Sunday, including MI-5 (Mountain In 5 minutes – quick explantion of MCC for 1st time guests after the service), helping in nursery, and taking down chairs. I only caught a few minutes of the Fathers Day Car & Bike Show, the opening event of the summer Mountain Adventure Weekends, but thanks to generous Mountain Riders at the refreshment zone, I took home plenty of extra hot dogs 🙂

As a humorous tribute to dads, MCC showed the following in the weekend services – I won’t post my family’s opinions on how closely my style mirrors the dads being spoofed 🙂


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