July 1, 2011

another year of Christian camp

Posted in children’s, personal, the Northeast at 11:43 PM by alexlozada

Great week w/ lively 4-6th graders + servant-hearted staff @ Indian Lake Christian Service Camp. Oldest daughter was counselor (2nd year in row, and week right after getting back from Dominican Republic trip), youngest daughter was camper (along w/ 2 of her cousins), and middle daughter visited 3 nights during the week (including faculty hunt!).

Part of what I love about camp is the opportunity to teach again – my “day job” is more focused on administration and trouble-shooting 😉 I taught the  morning Bible class with Jesus-stories on the week’s theme “I Am”, and Tuesday PM outdoor chapel in the newly restored and usable “amphitheater” – wooden benches overlooking the Susquehanna River – complete w eagles circling overhead, noisy power boats on the water, and 136-car freight train – yes, some of the campers chose to count the number of cars instead of listening to my lesson – surprise, surprise 🙂

Another part of what I love about camp is reconnecting w/ a past season of life . I missed the recent work weekends getting my home church camp, Catskill Christian Assembly, but thanks to the blessing of Facebook, I’ve reconnected with some friends from wayback. Serving at camp was a crucial turning point in my journey to vocational Christian ministry . . . . and High School Retreat (Fall 1990) was an even bigger turning point in my life – that’s another story (stories!) that I should let my bride of 19+years tell 🙂


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