May 27, 2012

Great Expectations: Hey Singles, Its Time to Rock!

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MCC’s Pastor of Groups and Young Adults Nathan McDade and guest speaker Laura Buffington (spiritual formation pastor Southbrook Christian Church, Miamisburg OH) to “run toward God” in every life situation, single adult or married. Here’s a guide to follow through on the message.


May 20, 2012

Great Expectations: Part II of Let God Rock Your Marriage

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Ethan Magness talks about how letting our relationship desires (hopes) turn into expectations (contract-like demands) harms our relationships. Here is the group (or personal) follow-through study guide. You can find audio & video from MCC’s Great Expectations resource page. Mountain Rd campus sold out Tim Keller’s book, The Meaning of Marriage, but you can order online from the link, or visit your local Christian bookstore.

May 13, 2012

Great Expectations: Let God Rock Your Marriage p1

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On Mothers Day weekend, MCC began a new messages series Great Expectations.  Though its not about the famous Charles Dickens novel, this quote from the book does capture some of the underlying theme of the series:

“We spent as much money as we could, and got as little of it as people could make up their minds to give us. We were always more or less miserable, and most of our acquaintance were in the same condition. There was a gay fiction among us that we were constantly enjoying ourselves, and a skeleton truth that we never did. To the best of my belief, our case was in the last aspect a rather common one.”

Here is the study guide for the first message “Let God Rock Your Marriage – part 1.” Here are my own notes on the message, and the YouVersion Live Event notes (adapated from Ben’s message slides).

May 6, 2012

Dancing with the Scars – Addiction

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Though I’m traveling at Community Christian Church (Lanoka Harbor, NJ) speaking for their Faith Promise missions weekend, here is the study guide for the last message in MCC’s Dancing with the Scars series, “Recovery from Addiction.”  MCC’s message resource page features some local area resources, including Celebrate Recovery.