September 18, 2012

Glad You Asked series wrap-up

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Glad You Asked pic

Glad You Asked pic

Hectic couple of weeks as two different large-scale projects collide on my calendar 😉 Meanwhile, here are the last two message guides for the Sorry Glad You Asked: Questions Christians Hope No Someone Will Ask series:  “Even if Jesus was a nice guy who did good things, why can’t you just leave it at that?” (8-9 Sept) and “Do you seriously still believe in God in an age of Science?” (15-16 Sept).


September 6, 2012

Why are Christians so intolerant?

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Luke Erickson’s message is a great resource for this guide, even if your group isn’t able to listen or watch to all of it. As usual, thanks to my teammate Mary Bach for catching errors in previous drafts of the message guide!