October 31, 2012

American Christians and upcoming election

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2008 version of “Let Me Tell You How You Should Vote”

This coming Sunday, Ben Cachiaras will have a few more words on “Let Me Tell You How You Should Vote” :-; If you’re interested in the previous edition of this message, you can listen at MCC’s audio archive. For a sneak peak at what he might say, check his same-titled article from the Christian Standard. I plan to post the current message based materials over the weekend.

My MCC staff teammate Kelly Kastens tweeted about Eugene Cho’s post on the same topic. Alex Absalom applied a similar thought to the specific setting of group life within the church, blending his reflections from “across the pond” and his experiences on the pastoral team of MCC partner, Rivertree Church (several of MCC’s staff team have participated in their SynergyEdge missional disciple-making learning communities).


October 28, 2012

Cannonball Weird About Life

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That's Cannonball Weird logo

That’s Cannonball Weird

Ethan Magness concluded MCC’s That’s Cannonball Weird weekend message series by looking back to the past (Christmas Conspiracy Dec 2011) and challenging us to make weird-in-God’s-way choices in the approaching holiday season, and for years to come.

October 27, 2012

Network – new and old

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As I transition to a new role @ MCC, I keep in mind the similarities between Adult Small groups (old) and Network (new) pastor. Both involve connecting people, though my former role emphasized the direct person-to-person connection between small group leader and small group member, plus small group coaches (and staff team) and small group leaders. One of my key responsibilities as Network pastor is helping our staff and members make effective use of technology to shepherd our numerically growing congregation, including software tools from the Elexio company. Something that remains the same in both roles is the importance of relationships, including communicating among MCC’s I.T. savvy people and those whose gifts are in other areas of ministry 🙂

Along the way, I also refresh old relationships (like my long-ago CCU dorm neighbor Mark Kitts) and make new ones – like Elexio tech guru Darren H, who made the drive down from E Penn (amidst massive MCC’s Trunk or Treat crowd!) to help us improve the performance of our church database and family ministry check-in products. After Darren’s help, I’m more eager than ever for the roll-out of more tools to that put the ‘Net to work for God’s kingdom 😉

October 26, 2012

That’s Cannonball Weird series

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MCC leadership encouraged people to download the full That’s Cannonball Weird booklet (both 5 sessions of group materials and 4 weeks of daily thoughts) from the webpage but here’s a link for those who prefer a smaller (lo-formatting) version of only the group materials.