October 27, 2012

Network – new and old

Posted in tech at 11:52 PM by alexlozada

As I transition to a new role @ MCC, I keep in mind the similarities between Adult Small groups (old) and Network (new) pastor. Both involve connecting people, though my former role emphasized the direct person-to-person connection between small group leader and small group member, plus small group coaches (and staff team) and small group leaders. One of my key responsibilities as Network pastor is helping our staff and members make effective use of technology to shepherd our numerically growing congregation, including software tools from the Elexio company. Something that remains the same in both roles is the importance of relationships, including communicating among MCC’s I.T. savvy people and those whose gifts are in other areas of ministry 🙂

Along the way, I also refresh old relationships (like my long-ago CCU dorm neighbor Mark Kitts) and make new ones – like Elexio tech guru Darren H, who made the drive down from E Penn (amidst massive MCC’s Trunk or Treat crowd!) to help us improve the performance of our church database and family ministry check-in products. After Darren’s help, I’m more eager than ever for the roll-out of more tools to that put the ‘Net to work for God’s kingdom 😉


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