November 3, 2012

Storm Relief NYC trip #1

Posted in NYC at 11:56 PM by alexlozada

I’m still a little behind on sleep after a hectic last two days:

  • getting a physical for MD Dept of Transportation to drive a box truck
  • early voting for this year’s election (keeping in mind MCC’s message this weekend on voting)
  • speaking at MCC’s Celebrate Recovery Fri PM on recovery step of “Gratitude” (very appropriate for the season)
  • helping load two box trucks and two pickups filled with relief supplies
  • mapping route for our relief convoy – including trying to find open gas stations along the way 😉
  • 11p departure from MCC
  • by-pass a NJ gas station that was open but had a 40-50 vehicle waiting line!!!
  • arrive at St Jacobi Lutheran in Brooklyn
  • unload – took much longer because we only had our own team (8 drivers and co-drivers), the community relief organization coordinator, and two other guys who showed up under “unusual circumstances.”
  • Drive back to MD – finally arriving back at around 8a at Mountain Christian Church – hacing my first experience (safely! no damage!) driving the box truck loaned by one of MCC’s generous members.

Here’s Tom Moen’s video of the community org guy and some footage of the relief supplies distribution center a/k/a church basement. I’ll have more reflections to come, especially since I’m part of another trip departing Monday – more info from Ben Cachiaras’ blog post.


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