March 14, 2013

Singing along instead of only hearing

Posted in better disciples at 12:00 PM by alexlozada

Because of my hearing impaiment, I prefer not to attend live converts these days — the hearing aids work “too well” for the already loud instruments, but stadium size sound systems somehow aren’t helpful for making the vocals undestandable to me — sigh. But in the case of Chris Tomlin, and a few other Christian worship leaders, that would matter less 😉  This CNN (of all places!?) article, “King of the Sing-Along” highlights some of the differences between Chris T, Michael W Smith, and artists who are gifted worship leaders first, and talented performers second. “That is the secret to Tomlin’s success – the stage, the lights, the band – aren’t about him. As lively as his shows are, the point is not to get you inside the doors. The point is to get you singing in church.”