June 17, 2013


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LosingIt_230This weekend at Mountain crammed so many highlights into a a few days including Mountain Adventure Week kick-off with the annual Fathers Day Car, Truck, Motorcycle show at Mountain Rd campus;  even more MAW activities; and the conclusion of the Losing It weekend message series. Dave Stone (author of multiple Christian books on parenting – see this resource page for info) spoke on fatherhood. My personal highlight was the MCC worship team’s re-imagining of Muse’s “Madness” with improved lyrics, adapted to Fathers’ Day:

“Dadness” – spoof of “Madness” by Muse
VERSE 1  I can’t get these mashed peas out of my shirt
And that’s how my Dadness has started to evolve
I try so hard to be the man
It’s just my Dadness that makes me so awesome

CHORUS I have finally seen the light
Since all my kids sleep through the night
Yeah I’m the dad

VERSE 2 Now I need to know my favorite team’s score
‘Cause part of my Dadness Is to master the remote
When I look back on the day my kids were born
That’s when diaper madness started taking control, yeah

CHORUS 2 Now, they have finally gone to bed
So now, I can finally clear my head

CHORUS 3 Now I have finally cut the lawn
But I’m not expecting your help at all
And I finally know what it takes
‘Cause I have finally found the steaks

I Need My Grill! I Need My Grill!
Come to me, bring your car keys
Till you learn to respect me
Yes I know I’m always wrong
Maybe I’m too headstrong
But that’s my Dadness