April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

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What a God-blessed Easter at Mountain!

Here’s two minute “trailer” of the full message

Mountain’s Easter Message in 2 Minutes from Mountain Christian Church on Vimeo.

Ben Cachiaras continued in the spirit of the Story series with the message “Image Isn’t Everything — More to Our Story than Meets the Eye.” For more on this theme, here’s a study guide or groups or individuals.


April 18, 2014

Image Isn’t Everything

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MCC’s Easter weekend  (twelve services worth!) carried the ongoing theme of God’s EPIC Story into each worship attender’s own life. “Everybody’s got junk that has messed up God’s image in us. We usually try to clean it up ourselves but it never works — it only keeps us away from God because we’re still flawed. Jesus Christ comes to cut through all of that and make all things new. This is the beautiful promise that whatever mess our life becomes…the bad news is that we can’t become new by ourselves, the good news is that Jesus makes all things new. ”

This video opened the Easter services, setting the stage for a self-image-shattering climax later in the message.

Shattered – Spoken Word Easter 2014 from Mountain Christian Church on Vimeo.