March 31, 2015

Metro Chr Convention “Going Beyond the Walls”

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Going-Beyond-the-WallsEarlier this month, I enjoyed participating in the annual Metro Christian Convention of NYC area Restoration Movement churches. My family actively supported the Metro when we served at East Northport Christian Church, and I’ve continued to make the drive from Maryland for as many of them as possible.

This year’s theme was “Going Beyond the Walls”, and my workshop combined the concepts of using social media for outreach and neighborhood (small) groups for discipleship. Here are the notes from my session.


March 30, 2015

NYC government and churches

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The recent US Supreme Court decision to not overturn US Court of Appeals ruling on Bronx Household of Faith -v- NYC Board of Education affects many congregations in NYC, including several partners of MCC (via our support for Orchard Group). Two different viewpoints of the outcome from the NY Times and Religion News Service — noteworthy to compare the headlines and writing perspectives 🙂

The personal resonance for me goes back to my time as a management team member for Crossroads Christian Church (Brooklyn NYC). Crossroads was ready for launch Sunday, including an amicable rental agreement with a neighborhood public school. Days before launch, the local school leadership withdrew permission because of “community pressure” — including the arguments invoked by the ACLU mentioned in the articles above. Providentially, years later, my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s church plant, Everyday Church, was able to rent a local public school in Inwood. Crossroads, with whom MCC partnered for Hurrican Sandy relief, eventually moved to rent a NYC public school for its Sunday worship.

March 29, 2015

The Kingdom, Power, and Glory are Yours

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Ethan Magness closed MCC’s Passwords series with the message “The Kingdom, Power and Glory Are Yours” — including connecting the Kingdom theme to Palm Sunday, remembering Jesus’ triumphal entry in Jerusalem, though not as the kind of earthly king that many (then and now) expected. Here are the Event notes and message-based study guide.

March 22, 2015

Forgive Us and Deliver Us

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Ben Cachiaras combined two themes (to “catch up” from our inclement weather adjustment at the beginning of the series) in this weekend’s message “Forgive Us and Deliver us” Throughout the series, MCC’s Creative Media team is posting videos (and still pics) as additional resources. This YouTube is an invitation using the Lord’s Prayer: 

Here are this week’s message-based study guide and Event notes

March 15, 2015

The Daily Bread We Need

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Ben Cachiaras continued our Passwords series with his message on “The Daily Bread We Need”

Here are the study guide and Event notes. As part of the ongoing additional resources for MCC’s prayer emphasis, here are some additional thoughts from Ben on prayer:

March 8, 2015

Your Kingdom Come

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Nathan McDade continued the Passwords series message-based study guide and YouVersion / Event notes.

As part of the additional resources for this prayer series, here is a video conversation on “Finding Time to Pray” between Erin McDade and Ethan Magness.

March 1, 2015

Our Father, Holy Is Your Name

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Because of last weekend’s inclement weather, the message order for the “Passwords” (or P4S5W%®D$ if you prefer the special characters / icons version!) series changed a little. Adult Small Groups team is still encouraging groups to use the resources they recommended. For those who want a free option, here are the message-based study guide and the YouVersion / Event notes.