April 26, 2015

Dis-Illusion: Christians are anti-science

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Luke Erickson continued MCC’s Dis-Illusioned series with his message, “Illusion: Christians are anti-science”.

The point of a biblical writer praising God for setting the earth upon its foundations in a culture where everyone already imagined that the earth to be flat and sitting on a foundation is not to promote that understanding of cosmology, but to say WHO made the cosmos—namely God. That’s the important truth. Remember that the next time you’re tempted to believe you’re not accountable to anyone.

Those are the kinds of truths that the Bible is interested in teaching us, and for us to demand that its truth always be packaged in terms consistent with modern science is to expect too much from the Bible. It’s to demand more from the Bible than it’s able to give or is intended to give. In the same way that people misuse science and try to make it do more than what it was equipped to do, sometimes people try to use the tool of the Scriptures for things it isn’t equipped to do. And when we do that—no surprise—there is a rub. But again, it’s not because science is insufficient to lead us to what’s true or that Scripture is insufficient to lead us to what’s true, or that it’s impossible to use both of them to dispel illusions that we’ve believed about what’s real and use them to find truth wherever it lies

Here are the message-based study guide and Bible.com-YouVersion event notes.


April 19, 2015

Dis-Illusion: Christians are too Political

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disillusionedEthan Magness took on the hot-button topic “Illusion: Christians are too Political.” He highlighted many BIble verses, which makes the Bible.com-YouVersion Event notes a a good resource for groups or individuals using the message-based study guide.

April 16, 2015

MCC on YouTube

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Staff teammate Rachel Hayes promoted MCC’s YouTube channel at monthly staff meeting, “YouTube is the second most widely used search engine [behind Google.com] … the more we watch and interact, the easier for others to find Mountain on YouTube.” Here is the subscription link

In the spirit of publicizing MCC’s growing social media presence, here’s my teammate and balae (Tagalog for in0law) Tom Moen on the work in Myanmar

April 13, 2015

An Illusion Christians Had

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In the midst of MCC’s series “Dis-Illusioned” (seeing the truth behind illusions about Christianity), here is an article from a mainstream media source The Daily Telegraph (UK), “The Passion of Jesus Seems Much More Believable These Days” Charles Moore addresses an illusion that Christians have had about the interaction between their faith and the society around them:

But for Christians, the situation has become clearer, much closer to the one familiar to the founder of their faith. It was an illusion, though a pleasant one, that our social order was ever very closely related to the religion that seemed to uphold it. Now that the connection is almost completely severed, it is easier to see the faith for what it is – always despised and rejected, always virtually impossible to sustain, yet always reborn at Easter.


April 12, 2015

Dis-Illusion: Christians are Exclusive and Judgmental

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Nathan McDade continued MCC’s “Dis-Illusioned” series with his message, “Illusion: Christians are Exclusive and Judgmental” Here are the study guide and Bible.com-YouVersion Event notes.

I did the three campus tour this morning to help w/ ServeFest sign-up on the web by setting up older MCC laptops (running Linux – mostly used by volunteers for data entry). Aside from a slow-leak-tire problem w/ our ten-year-old gray van, much more enjoyable to drive Harford County with the spring-like weather than the winter ice storms 🙂

April 7, 2015

Easter – Dis-Illusioned series starting

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“He Is Risen!” — “He Is Risen Indeed!” (ancient Easter greeting among Christians)

Ben Cachiaras led MCC in our Easter services (and began a new message series) with “Dis-Illusioned”:

When you’re watching a good magician, you’re tricked and you don’t even know it.  Part of the fun is that you discover it was only an illusion.  What’s not so funny is that the same thing happens to us in real life.  We accept things as true that are simply illusions: we don’t need a Savior, a real Savior wouldn’t die, dead people stay dead, and none of this has anything to do with me. But the reality of Easter breaks these illusions. We are dis-illusioned (in a good way) and can finally see what God is really up to.

Here are the message-based study guide and YouVersion-BIble.com Event notes.

The service opened with “Good Friday” themed voice-overs into an inspiring version of “Forever” by Kari Jobe.