April 26, 2015

Dis-Illusion: Christians are anti-science

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Luke Erickson continued MCC’s Dis-Illusioned series with his message, “Illusion: Christians are anti-science”.

The point of a biblical writer praising God for setting the earth upon its foundations in a culture where everyone already imagined that the earth to be flat and sitting on a foundation is not to promote that understanding of cosmology, but to say WHO made the cosmos—namely God. That’s the important truth. Remember that the next time you’re tempted to believe you’re not accountable to anyone.

Those are the kinds of truths that the Bible is interested in teaching us, and for us to demand that its truth always be packaged in terms consistent with modern science is to expect too much from the Bible. It’s to demand more from the Bible than it’s able to give or is intended to give. In the same way that people misuse science and try to make it do more than what it was equipped to do, sometimes people try to use the tool of the Scriptures for things it isn’t equipped to do. And when we do that—no surprise—there is a rub. But again, it’s not because science is insufficient to lead us to what’s true or that Scripture is insufficient to lead us to what’s true, or that it’s impossible to use both of them to dispel illusions that we’ve believed about what’s real and use them to find truth wherever it lies

Here are the message-based study guide and Bible.com-YouVersion event notes.


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