May 14, 2015

House blessing and home cooking

Posted in culture, personal tagged at 10:24 PM by alexlozada

My MCC teammate Jeff Owens delegated to me the opportunity to participate in a house blessing for a Filipino family that attends MCC. While the brief event was  much simpler than this article, (no sacrificials animals [beyond those in tasty pancit, lumpia, etc] or coin tossing), the family did welcome their friends and family to celebrate God’s material blessing.

In a not-directly-related email exchange, I answered a question from an MCC friend about Filipino desserts suitable for bringing to a seventh grade class project. Thanks for a road trip last year for an MCC staff lunch, I already had a good first-person experience w/ Philippine Oriental Redefined for (in-store-pickup) catering and groceries 🙂 Thanks to the wizardry of Goodsearch Images, I was even able to track down the name “barquilos” for the rolled-sweet-biscuit-cookie which was my recommendation for simplest bring-to-seventh-grade item.

According to most recent US Census, Harford County’s Filipino population is a tiny fraction, but the greater Baltimore metropolis has a growing Filipino (and Asian overall) presence. As part of the house blessing, I referred to Abraham who understood what it meant to be an immigrant. Comfort food and customs from home can ease the restlessness of the lifelong journey….


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