May 26, 2015

Right and Left

Posted in contemporary, culture, history tagged , at 9:49 PM by alexlozada

Pertinent in reflecting on many social media posts over the Memorial Day weekend, my teammate Rob Kastens re-tweeted a link from Scot McKnight to’s Jesus Creed blog.

The article’s author, Allan Bevere, in turn cites James Hunter’s To Change the World.

Both Right and Left, then, aspire to a righteous empire. Thus, when he [Wallis] accuses Falwell and Robertson of being “theocrats who desire their religious agenda to be enforced through the power of the state” he has established the criteria by which he and other politically progressive Christians are judged the same (147)

Bevere’s conclusion:

Both the religious right and the religious left have their own brand of civil religion based on the same modern Liberal and individualistic assumptions. The religious right freely admits this.

It is time for the religious left to stop denying it and own up to the truth that they have the same agenda, though their issues are different.



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