December 16, 2015

New shades of Instagram for #colorsMCC

Posted in better disciples at 3:39 PM by alexlozada

Play on words as MCC’s staff team tried to share the spiritof #colorsMCC “the colors of Christmas” with non-profits in Harford County. Using our staff Christmas party as an oportunity to bless our community partners whose workplaces might not be as crowded and cheerful as ours 😉 is a years-old, ongoing tradition. The introvert in me cringes at #somuch people time, but the blessing to others is worth venturing out of my comfort zone. Speaking of outside my comfort zone, I dislike installing apps on my smartphone — I’m old school from the days when storage space on computing devices was limited (measured in kbs instead of gigs!), but at the behest of MCC Creative team leader James Ballard, I’m Instagramming (and hashagging) my table’s visit to Welcome One Emergency Shelter. Good memories for me, going all the way back to serving with Faith Communities and Civic Agencies United shelters that rotated among area churches, instead of dedicated 365/24/7 facility.



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  1. […] my young adult daughters. I’m much more written words than images, but I did use it for last December’s MCC staff party. Thanks to the envelope-stretching initiative of MCC’s Creative team, led by James Ballard, […]

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