March 27, 2016

Love Does – Easter at MCC

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Resurrection blessings overflowed to more than ten thousand people at MCC’s thirteen weekend services (whew!). Ben Cachiaras reminded us that sometimes love is stunning, sometimes its sacrificial, and sometimes its simple. Everyone attending enjoyed some super-sized balloon time fun — part of the theme-logo drawn from cover art of Bob Goff’s bestselling book Love Does. Because we’re encouraging groups to use the materials that accompanty , I won’t be writing separate group study guide, but here are the Event notes.



March 21, 2016

Up Hill – Golgotha

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My friend and Adult Groups team leader Nathan McDade closed MCC’s “Up Hill – Following Jesus All the Way” series with his message on “Golgotha.” For the last several years, MCC combines some Palm Sunday celebration-Triumphal Entry touches with a strong emphasis on Good Friday somber preparation and focused reflection on Jesus’ sacrifice. Nathan’s message ably balanced the downcast weight of our sin, and the gift of forgiveness from God’s ginormous love. YouVersion launched a new format for its Events feature — and only a few days to test it and “get up to speed” before Easter — whew. Here’s the new version of Event to accompany Nathan’s message  — can you tell its optimized for mobile and not desktop 😉


March 14, 2016

Up Hill – Gethsemane

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Ben Cachiaras continued MCC’s “Up Hill – Following Jesus All the Way” message series with his message on Gethsemane, teaching us:

  • Jesus knows … What it’s like to suffer
  • Jesus shows … What it’s like to surrender
  • Jesus teaches us … How to pray

This weekend marks the end of an (on-line) era: is transitioning from its Live Events to Events next week. I’ve done hundreds of the old format,  but I look forward to the new capabilities, including better integrated graphics, especially on mobile. Here’s the last old-school Live Event.

March 9, 2016

Online giving in the news

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MCC has used online giving for several years, most recently introducing text-to-give. Bloomberg News doesn’t often mention churches, but “The Church Collection Plate Goes Digital” describes several ways churches are using technology to invite people to give electronicallly. For me, while I like the convenience, I’m leary of the vulnerability to hacking – from “behind the scenes,” I’ve seen how individuals and institutions are vulnerable.

March 7, 2016

Up Hill to the Upper Room

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Rob Kastens began MCC’s preparation for Easter weekend message series “Up Hill With Jesus” by sharing his teaching on “The Upper Room.” He called us to “walk the hard road together.” For more of his main points and Bible verses, check the Live notes.