May 7, 2016

Racial Gaps (in retail and in churches)

Posted in better disciples at 5:41 PM by alexlozada

Three articles that address the topic of gaps with racial overtones. While I might not agree with each specific in Dr Russell Moore’s NY Times op-ed “A White Church No More,” he does wrestle with the need for those American congregations which are predominantly white Evangelicals to consider their words and deeds in this contentious socio-political year. As a frequent (and mostly  content) Amazon Prime user, I followed the launch of their Prime Same Day Service. My outsider guess is that Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s leadership is not racist, but they are capitalist … and Amazon’s Prime Same Day focused on the neighborhoods that were most profitable, as this Bloomberg article mentions. This Business Insider article from two years ago, “These Maps Show that Android Is For People With Less Money” (though the URL is more provactively labeled Android-Is-For-Poor-People) could show the same kind of racial/poverty divide which the Congessional Black Caucus is directing at Amazon – hmmmm?

One of my ongoing challenges in my MCC role which is very focused on tech is remembering that tech ownership and use is not uniform across racial or generational or socio-economic clusters. The Church is called to serve all, across the gaps.


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