August 29, 2016

Under Our Skin: What Do We Do Now?

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Vine Church (Temple, TX) Lead Minister Sean Palmer brought MCC’s “Under Our Skin” series to its worldview-changing climax by showing us possibilities for “What We Do Now.”
The quotes below are only two of many others from Sean’s message; Event note has a few more highlights, but to experience the full impact, make the tim e to watch him speaking of Medgar Evers, Open Table, and more:


August 21, 2016

Why Are We So Comfortable With Our Own Kind?

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Ben Cachiaras continued to press into racial reconcilation as part of MCC’s Under Our Skin series by answering the question “Why Are We So Comfortable With Our Own Kind? with ways we that will “shove us towards love.” Message details from Event and some key quotes below:

August 14, 2016

Can the Racial Divide Be Healed?

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Ben Cachiaras asked and answered the heart-rending question  “Can the Racial Divide Be Healed?” for this weekend’s message. Follow through resources: Event notes, and Tweets, including a Shout/Out from Under Our Skin author and Baltimore Ravens tight end Banjamin Watson:

August 9, 2016

Benjamin Watson speaks truth on Planned Parenthood

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MCC is using Benjamin Watson‘s best-selling Under Our Skin for our August message series. He addressed the controversial and true history of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger’s eugenics stance. The article title is forceful, but accurate (IMO) “NFL Star Benjamin Watson: Planned Parenthood Founded to ‘Exterminate Blacks'”

August 7, 2016

If God’s Kingdom Is Not Segregated, Why Is the Local Church?

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Luke Erickson began MCC’s “Under Our Skin” series by tackling (pun intended) the hard-hitting question “If God’s Kingdom Is Not Segregated, Why Is the Local Church?” The series draws its name from the best-selling book by Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson. Two key quotes from the message and Event notes:

August 5, 2016

Islam and violence

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In keeping with follow through on this year’s MCC Conversation on Islam and subsquent posts, US born second generation Egyptian and Coptic Christian Raymond Ibrahim writes of Islam’s historical record of violence. As did the MCC presentation, Raymond I grounds his article in historical facts, accepted by Muslim and non-Muslim historians alike. “If the true history of the West and Islam is being turned upside down, what other historical “truths” being peddled today are equally false?”